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What is a Coach?

What is a “coach”?   This is an excellent question and one frequently asked.

Best and briefly said:

"A coach is someone who gets you to do
What you don't want to do,
So you can be who you want to be."

(Attributed to NFL Hall of Fame coach, Tom Landry)

First and foremost, a coach LISTENS.  A professional coach is trained to TRULY listen – deeply, fully and without judgment - to you.  Your objective is to be heard and know that you are the sole focus of the conversation.   Your time with a coach is private.  And confidential.

Most coaches select a particular specialty.  Perhaps you know of some:  life, career, athletic, corporate, financial, relationship, grief, organization, vocal, fitness, etc.

At reflective beings, where I specialize in Life Coaching and Dream Coaching® (both explained fully in this website), sessions are conducted over the phone or face-to-face – whatever works best for you – based on locale, time, bad hair day, etc.   Geography and comfort levels are never obstacles to the client/coach process or relationship.

The purpose of all coaching is to work together to help create a "plan with action steps” that help achieve a specific goal.  I like the image of a metaphorical

"Personal GPS"
(Global Positioning System)

Together, we find your way - help you get unstuck, out of your rut and back on track; to create a map, stop spinning wheels, point yourself in the right direction, navigate your journey and arrive at the desired destination. With one eye in the rear view mirror, you will see where you've been and clearly "be" what lies ahead.

Professional coaches who hold membership in the International Coach Federation (ICF – commit to a variety of tenets, including a comprehensive Code of Ethics.  This assures, and quite important to many, that the client/coach experience is confidential.  (Please see my “Scheduling, Rates, How It Works” page to review this Code in its entirety.)  

“reflective beings” is a member in good standing of the ICF and abides by its ethics and professional standards.

Coaching can be long or short term - depending on what the client is seeking and how hard he/she chooses to work and at what speed.   The client/coach relationship can also be intermittent depending on the client.  


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