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Why coach with "reflective beings" ?

What “reflective beings” brings to the coaching arena for Life or Dream Coach clients is a frank, honest and caring approach to your being fully heard.   And an opportunity to help you learn to reflect on what it is you want - as well as what it is you do NOT want – in a sacred, respectful and safe environment.   You talk.  We listen.  We ask questions. You talk.  You hear some of your own words with fresh ears, see scenarios differently and we journey together to reach your goal.  Get unstuck, find new hope, glean new answers, and move on.

I adore people of all kinds; the more diversity the better.   However, I am personally very drawn to and passionate about serving those who are also passionate about and/or aligned with the arts.  Why? 

I love the theatre - onstage, offstage, backstage, in the audience, in the box office, in the administrative office, in the lobby - anywhere inside these sacred places.  I thrive in the theatre.  It’s filled with other mere mortals like me and I know what makes them/us tick … or stop ticking.  So, I offer my coaching services to folks in the arts – ALL the arts.  

I also have a special connection with Patrons of the Arts – those passionate supporters who, like me, love to live vicariously and dramatically through the performance and the places it takes them! 

Why choose me?  Because I’m VERY funny, bright, colorful and caring to the core; a natural nurturer.   MY life’s purpose is “to serve with energy, light and spirit”.  And the person I choose to serve is YOU.   

No surprise, the amazing beings most drawn to me are

  • folks who love and support the arts and want more “flair” on their own personal stage
  • those who find that charitable giving isn’t “enough” – who seek MORE in their own, already charmed lives; ready to flip the switch and step into their spotlight
  • successful people who are bored by “having it all” – but really haven’t explored what’s “really missing” – on the inside
  • accomplished travelers seeking “zing” and adventure in their personal journeys who are ready to embark on their most important and fulfilling joyride ever - within

Together, through traditional life coaching – or the remarkable and proven Dream Coach® process - we will rewrite your life script to find you standing in the spotlight of your life; receiving the standing ovations you desire and so richly deserve.

Ready to try that complimentary consultation and grab onto your mirror?