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Where did you get that name?

"reflective beings" is a name I chose because coaching IS about truly reflecting on one's "Self" - of giving one's Self "permission" to look into the mirror and fully SEE what and who is there.  More often than not, we already KNOW our answers and just need someone's guidance to bring them to the surface, have them “encourage” them out of us; truly set us in the right direction! 

The "beings" part of the name has to do with the reality that we are best when we
BE our best, vs. DO our best.  Grammatically, that's really terrible, but there's a hugely important part of realizing that we are MORE than our jobs, our titles, our activities, our gerbil-in-a-cage running around, our anxieties and fears, etc. 

Who we are in our being will bring answers, action, clarity and joy to our lives.  Everyone has this inside and is entitled to unwrap, embrace and delight in these treasures.  Sometimes, all we need is a little reflection!   Let us be your “training mirror” so you can step forward and truly BE the reflection you want to see!

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Grab onto your mirror – see who/what is
reflecting back at you!

Change a Situation.  Change a Mind.  Change.