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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching differs from other types of coaching (career, athletic, corporate, financial, relationship, grief, organization, vocal, fitness, etc.) in that it solely focuses on one’s life.  Often, other areas of coaching – as listed above – are incorporated into what’s shared with a life coach because these aspects are, indeed, part of one’s whole life – with emphasis on “whole”.  However, to get to the core of the coaching process, in life coaching, we focus on one’s life and the “inner chatter” – how it’s working – or not.

As stated earlier, the purpose of all coaching is to work together to help create a "plan with action steps” that help achieve a specific goal.  The only way to turn personal stagnation into joyful living is to put action into the mix.  And that’s what happens with life coaching. 

Coaching is a co-creative relationship involving honesty, deep listening, questioning, planning and committed efforts to achieving what each client desires.   A client uses a coach as an objective “thinking partner”.  This is not something you can get from a friend, co-worker or family member as they would, likely, all have a vested interest in your outcome.  A coach only wants you to achieve your goal.

Again, coaching can be long or short term - depending on what the client is seeking and how hard he/she chooses to work and at what speed.   The client/coach relationship can also be intermittent depending on the client.

It is important, however, to also know what life coaching is NOT

Life Coaching is NOT therapy*.
Life Coaches do not treat.
NOR do we diagnose.
Life coaches do NOT consult.
Consultants are experts in a particular field. 
The expert in the field of “you” is YOU.


*(If, at the conclusion of the complimentary consultation and/or first session,
 it seems one would be better served with a therapist, a referral can be made.)