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Client Kudos & Testimonials

Do you know what an incredible coach you are?  I think that every woman or man wanting guidance (coaching) would benefit from even one session with you. Now I don't know exactly how you do it, but I know that you’re great at it. With what you have been through in your own life you have become one of the most healing people to be around. Your clients are I guess God does show us how to turn the bad stuff in our lives around for the good. You’re a blessing in my life.

MMT, Illinois

You REALLY listen!  You remember and retain the information.  You are not judgmental, so people feel comfortable confiding in you.  Most of all, you are honest and look folks in the eye.  I will be on any team of yours!

PC, Illinois    

Lois has the intelligence, the depth, the compassion to be a great life coach.  She understands many of the dilemmas average people face because she’s been through similar situations herself.  She’s passionate about helping.  She knows how to go below the surface, to peel away the layers to get to the root of a problem.  She also realizes that the center of the onion is only someone’s story and that true progress can only be achieved by more or less leaving that story behind and dealing with whatever “is”.  I truly believe this type of work to be her innate gift.

LM, Kentucky

You don’t sugarcoat your answers.  You tell me what I don’t want to face – and what could (most likely) be the truth.  You offer creative suggestions about how to approach things in a new and different way.  You make me feel that I am the only person who has your attention.  You never leave me hanging.   You give me quotable quotes I can use with my significant other in later discussions.   I know I have said:  “Coach Lois says ...” If it has been some time since I’ve connected, you don’t treat me like “yesterday’s news”.  You still give me the attention I need and want.  You make me feel that the success of “me” and my family are important to you.

AT, California

What makes Lois a good coach is the fact that she listens – really listens – and then DARES to ask me the “hard questions”.  I have watched her heal others for several years and I have watched her leadership with others in amazement.

MB, Illinois

I now see that sometimes when you hide, it is not possible to evaluate a situation in full and, when you do let others help you evaluate a situation outside your own expertise and let them do what they do, you start breathing … and seeing ... and living.  I see that they get a charge out of doing what they like to do so, all around, it’s WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!

PA, Illinois  

Lois Hobart has been a real anchor in my sea of troubles. She has helped me see the silver lining in the clouds, a place of clearing, and a way to shore. She has been a lighthouse in a stormy life.  I would recommend her counsel to anyone who doesn’t feel there is hope in their life. In retrospect, it would have been much more difficult to get through the last few years without her. I don’t think my life would be what it is today if I hadn’t had Lois to consult through raging waters.

VT, California   

I certainly have plenty to think about and to act upon.  Your insight helped me focus more clearly on what my next steps may be, and the several steps after that.  Thank you.

DF, Illinois   

Really enjoyed our coaching time together – you have a wonderful gift for this endeavor!   I am so grateful that you spent the time with me – you have truly motivated me to get focused on being!!!

SJ, Illinois

You are one of the few people I know that actually listen - really listen – and actively participate.

RW, North Carolina

This is just a short note to thank you so much for your time and considerations regarding my "life challenges".  After reviewing all the material we shared and your special comments, I have undertaken the much needed attitude adjustment and am plugging forward.  I’m actually looking more forward to the future than ever before.

PK, Illinois


Basically Lois took issues that we as a company have been struggling with for years and helped us forge a clear path forward. We accomplished more in her retreat than a year's worth of meetings!    And I absolutely mean that. We still have a tendency to spin our wheels, but at least we know how to drive the car
and whose turn it is to drive.   Thank you for doing the retreat, Lois. You helped us IMMENSELY.

AK, Managing Director, Theatre Co., Chicago

Lois Hobart did a fine job of facilitating our first theatre company retreat. Our company was experiencing some tough "growing pains." She helped us to identify achievable goals and to create an agenda for the day--and then kept us to it. With her assistance, we got a lot accomplished and avoided "biting off more than we could chew" in the time we had allotted. Her personal background and professional knowledge of how theatre companies and not-for-profit corporations operate were also very useful.  I hope to have her assistance again and would recommend her to others.

RE, Artistic Director, Theatre Co., Chicago

I still can’t get over what a shift you created for us by conducting post-production feedback sessions with my artists.  I knew they’d not be fully honest with me as their boss, so by my being absent and you being present (in more ways that one!), I was able to gather the information I needed to make future productions better and stronger and a healthier experience for the dancers.  Thank you!

IC, Artistic Director, Dance Company, Chicago