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Facilitation Services for Arts Organizations

Are you involved with an arts organization (theatre, dance, writing, art, music, that needs guidance to:

  1. Get through and out of a conflict or a shared “stuckness”?
  2. Help you move into and through a strategic plan?
  3. Help lead the group to a stronger, healthier, happier place?

reflective beings, with years of experience in group leadership and communications, can help guide your arts organization to the next level. 
This is not career or corporate coaching in the formal sense.  However, I can strongly recommend those who specialize in just that thing.  Please ask.
Instead, I offer a smaller scale, kinder/gentler approach and opportunity for a group; to leave a place where they’ve either been stuck or creating chaos, and help everyone participate in the process of de-chaos-ing, finding common ground and then, together, creating and building new goals on a stronger foundation.
These services are billed on a per diem basis and are tailored to each challenge.  Please contact me for more information.

Drop me an email with questions or comments.
I’d love to hear from you.