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What is Dream Coaching?


Life has some crazy twists and turns – which, on many levels, is how I ended being a coach.   I was in the right place at the right time with the right mindset and my heart wide open when I found myself enrolling for another coach certification program – to become a Dream Coach®.  

First, Dream Coaching® has nothing to do with what happens while sleeping.  There are, however, coaches who also participate in “dream interpretation”, but this Program is based more on one tapping into one’s life dreams – and becoming a passionate, inspired and joyous person who is, indeed, living the life of one’s dreams.  

Dream Coaching® is a multi-phased program that takes a client through 10 phases of personal exploration and growth.  It is structured exactly like a life coaching session (face-to-face or over the phone, one hour per session and weekly “homework” for the client) and even comes with a workbook for addressing “homework” and offering up journaling space, motivational quotations, references, etc.  It is a self-contained program only available from a Certified Dream Coach®.    

If, once you’ve read the contents of this website, you are curious about enrolling in the Dream Coaching Program®, know that in just 10-to-14 weeks, you and your life can be turned around; soaring toward everything you ever wished for.   (Mind you, we do not offer up winning lottery numbers or perfect mates falling from the sky, but – once the difference between “dream” and “fantasy” is noted, we move onward!).  A Complimentary Consultation will explain the differences between the Dream process and traditional life coaching, giving you the opportunity to choose what feels “right” for you.

I have been trained and certified by America’s Dream Coach®, Marcia Wieder, founder of Dream Coach University® and creator of the Dream Coach Program®.  Ms. Wieder is San Francisco-based and conducts motivational programming and myriad trainings around the world.  She has appeared on “Oprah”, in PBS specials and continues to dream and fully believe in purpose, passion and dreams.   She’s an inspiration to me – and I strive to be that inspiration to my clients, too.

First, let’s take a look at the Dream Coach® Logo and its symbolism:  Purple for spiritual connection and awareness.  Teal for heart and communication.  All these attributes are brought to the surface in this Program.

The small triangle represents what we are all born with – our essence, perfect and whole, having a life purpose.  It represents the light inside each of us, our spirit; full of limitless potential.

The inverted triangle represents how most of us live our lives – upside down.  Most of us have busy schedules – likely TOO busy - and likely have goals that could begin to feel choked, unattainable, elusive, silly and then, forgotten.  Most of us, too, don’t live in a way that fully expresses who we are.  In other words, but for a rare few, we are not living on purpose.  There are at least two ways to view that:  One - living with one’s known purpose fully out in front and, two - living “on purpose” – deliberately, with abundance and true joy.  Imagine!

The large triangle is what a Dream Coach® does.  We hold the structure for a client throughout the  multi-phase process while, at the same time, model what “living as a Dreamer” looks like; for our clients and, proudly, for the world to see. 

We work to inspire and ignite the spark inside our clients and help them discover and fuel their own flame (passion).  Then we take the inverted triangle and turn it upright; making our clients’ lives work for them.  By aligning a client’s passion with their purpose and their dreams, it is not only possible but easy to have a dream-come-true life.  

The 10-phase Dream Coach Program® requires a client to look at every area of his/her life and honestly ask:

It requires the guts to ask:  “How do I want my life to be?”
“Is this my dream?”
“How do I know if it’s the RIGHT Dream?”
 “What am I willing to do about it?”
“Am I ready to begin NOW?”
“If not, when?”

This program requires intention, integrity, faith, courage, compassion and a sense of humor.   This is not a program for sissies!   But it IS for anyone who’s reading this site because you’re already thinking about this and wanting more for yourself – and your Self.

As a Dream Coach®, I help clients:

Find their purpose and passion
Learn to articulate what they want – in all areas of their lives
Identify, remove and manage obstacles in their path
Create their own blueprint, strategies and tactics for producing results
Develop personal practices (new habits/behaviors)
Become more effective every day in every way
Build their own Dream Team – their support system
Know that they are richly blessed and
a fully thriving gift to the world
To, truly, live the lives of their dreams

With my own passion for the theatrical, my own Dream Coach® mantra is:

Together, through the remarkable and proven Dream Coach® process, we will rewrite your life script to find you standing in the spotlight of your life; receiving the standing ovations you desire and so richly deserve.